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As you might guess, these flags have roots in the countries that comprise the United Kingdom. England contributed St.

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However, St. It was originally the flag of the Genoa republic, then it was adopted by crusaders, then England. The first official English use occurred in the thirteenth century, when English soldiers wore it for identification.

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  • Eventually, St. It became the flag of England, and a core component of the Union Jack.

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    • Here's what it looks like:. Scotland also contributed a patron-saint flag to the Union Jack. It honors their patron saint, Saint Andrew.

      The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit New Zealand

      As the legend goes, St. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped cross. Over time, iconography developed to show the apostle on the cross, to commemorate his martyrdom. The year saw the Union of the Crowns, the event that brought Scotland and England together. When this went down, a combined British flag was created.

      Wales history: Why is the red dragon on the Welsh flag?

      This flag—the flag of Great Britain—is the predecessor to the modern Union Jack. Well, not really. The dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries, though the actual origin of its connection to the country remains shrouded in myth and legend.

      The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

      But it seems the Roman occupation was what kicked it all off, as the emblems they bore on their cavalry, called Draco standards, were likely to have inspired the dragon link. The background is thought to have come from the Tudors, a Welsh dynasty who ruled the English throne from to , and whose official colours were green and white though the leek, a Welsh symbol, is also green and white. Who loves our cute little welsh dragon?