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However, according to the service, 30 million accounts viewed this film in a three-day span, a genuinely remarkable number that suggests viewing habits for the movie-watching public are indeed changing. According to the service, 30 million accounts viewed this film in a three-day span, a genuinely remarkable number.

Aniston and Sandler, as Nick and Audrey Spitz, are both charming, and they have just enough chemistry to keep the project from ever sinking completely. Aggressively mediocre might be a more apt description.

Modern forensics solves Stone Age murder mystery after 33,000 years

It is B-level and unchallenging. These are the sorts of films that rarely make it into theaters anymore, at least not from major production companies like Universal who produced the first two Sandler movies listed above or Disney who produced the latter. And yet, Netflix is out here claiming 30 million accounts viewed this film on opening weekend, 13 million of those in North America.

Not 13 million viewers, mind you, but accounts, which could mean multiple viewers per account.

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Back in the s, the only way for these films to get made was to put them in the theaters. But times have changed.

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  5. Netflix has another reason to make movies like this look successful, however. It wants movie stars to know this is a route that works, and one that may actually work better than going through the process of a full theatrical release. Make your reservation today through our secure website, or call us at Allllll Aboard!

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    Netflix original movie ‘Murder Mystery’ sets new viewing record

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