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Buy Tim Burton: Der melancholische Magier. Mit einem Vorwort von Johnny Depp by Tim Burton, Mark Salisbury, Sara Riffel, Hannes Riffel Kindle Edition Paperback; Publisher: Quadriga (12 Oct. ); Language: German; ISBN​.

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The sounds come from the chest, and the bottom of the throat. Simplicity is the fruit of the ability to generalize, and primitive man found it hard to generalize. Shooting took place on three continents in Canada, Scotland and Kenya , and the film had a budget of 12 million dollars. Annaud remembers having difficulty convincing the studio to release the film once it was finished, and claims it only reached cinemas because Frank Sinatra was so enthusiastic about an early screening.

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Ulam is just one of the languages that Burgess invented. A Clockwork Orange is narrated in an invented argot or slang, assembled from existing languages primarily Russian.

Burgess went on to invent languages for various works: the Castitan language in MF , the language based on Indo-European for the ritualistic chants in his translation of Oedipus the King , and an unpublished invented language based on a fusion of English and Hebrew, originally intended for Man of Nazareth Harold Bloom, Will Carr. Burgess and D. Lawrence Graham Foster.

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