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Then, hold your breath as we test how much weight the bridge you built can hold. Come enjoy creating your own engineering works of art! During the next five weeks we will be diving deep into the dirt to observe all the nitty-gritty components. Weeks Lessons Grades Adaptations Have you ever wondered what helps organisms to survive in their environment?

How does a camel survive extreme heat in the desert while a polar bear survives extreme cold? What is the secret of survival for all organisms? Join us this fall to explore some amazing facts that enable organisms to survive in their respective environment. Weeks Lessons Grades Space: Mysteries of the Universe Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what is going on up there?

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Then blast off with us in an expedition to the depths the universe. Our course is set for black holes, supernovas, and much more. Grades K Volcanoes Explosions, flowing lava, island formation, and mountain building! Come join us for five weeks of exploring volcanoes. Join us as we learn about DNA, hair, handwriting, fingerprints, and much more! We will shake things up racing cars and coasters, examining complex food systems, and heat things up with some electricity too!

K Changes in the Weather Can you tell if it will rain today? Do you know why and how the seasons change? Week Lessons Eggstraordinary Eggsperiments Have you ever tried to squeeze an egg? That curved structure is tough to break!

Weeks Lessons - Unavailable Chemistry: It will blow and glow your mind Get out your goggles and lab coats! Join us for an adventure into the world of chemistry as we explore topics related to atoms, molecules, and reactions. Be prepared to get messy and have your mind blown away with some amazing science experiences!

K Work Reduction with Simple Machines - Unavailable Have you ever wondered how you could lift something with ease that is more than you weigh?

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Our human bodies are pretty remarkable, but sometimes it is humanly impossible to complete some of the work that is required of us without some help. Our work can become easier with the use of simple machines. Come join us in Saturday Science where we will investigate questions you may have about simple machines and how they are used in our everyday life. We live on a unique planet called Earth, but have you ever wondered what makes the Earth different from other planets?

Does Earth have the same surface everywhere? What are soil types and how does that affect us?

Spacewalkers begin "open heart surgery" to repair costly cosmic ray detector

Earth is an amazing planet and different features of Earth make it a wonderful place to live! Start thinking about questions you have about Earth and we will explore them together. How can we predict their positions in the next moment based on their patterns of movement? Why is it difficult to walk on a slippery floor? How does a rollercoaster work? Why do different fruits grow in tropical regions and not everywhere?

Why are there different kinds of leaves? And why do bugs have different shapes? Throughout the five weeks of Saturday science, we will answer these and many questions through observations and outdoor explorations. Come join us in this exhilarating adventure as we learn about various plants and animals around us from the different kingdoms and engage in the wonders of the great outdoors. We will learn about how and why plants and animals look different from each other, how they survive in their ecosystem, why is biodiversity important to us, and how we should maintain biodiversity in our environment.

What goes up must come down! What can we do to effect the movement? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What does this mean? How can we use it to our advantage? We will explore and investigate these ideas and many more.

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We will create things that fly and things that land. Use your powers of observation and experimentation to learn exciting things in the world around us. Join us for 5 weeks of science exploration for grades 3 and 4. Planets and Seasons Grades K-1 What makes day and night? Why are days shorter in winter? Why do those leaves change their color in fall? Where does snow come from?

Have you ever asked those interesting questions? Come join us in Saturday Science and uncover the mysteries of the world! During these five weeks, we will learn about the sun, the earth, and the seasons. We will work like scientists to gather data around us to answer those questions. Then come explore science concepts that you experience on a daily basis and learn some fascinating activities you can do with static and current electricity. Students will experience the fascinating history of science ideas and inventions by investigating such topics as optics, gliders, and much more.

Come ready to explore the science of the past to understand the science of today! Grades Have you ever wondered why the moon looks like Swiss cheese or why it looks different from one night to the next? Come and explore your space neighborhood and find out much more about the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Where does the river come from, and what adds water to the river to keep it flowing continuously? Come to our Saturday Science and explore the secrets of the world. Over five weeks, we will explore the ways the sun, water cycle, and food chains interact and influence our lives.

Is it possible to make it safer to drink? How is rain connected to the water we drink?

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Water is an amazing resource that we are constantly interacting with. Knowing how your body is designed and what you can to do make your body more fit can help you improve in any sport. Grades Energy is involved in everything we do and everything we use.

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It is all around us. But what is energy, how do we use it to make things move or heat things up? Why is it important that we thing of alternative sources of energy to fuel our cars or heat our homes? Each week we will focus on one of the senses. We will learn about the biology of our eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, and touch receptors. We will also focus on how we use these senses to make observations of the world around us. Through hands-on activities, we will develop our skills of observation.

We will also discuss how scientists use their senses to observe phenomena and how they make explanations based on their observations. Why do magnets repel each other sometimes? How do airplanes stay up in the air?

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  • Spacewalkers begin "open heart surgery" to repair costly cosmic ray detector.
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How is it possible to get an object from one place to another without pushing or pulling it?