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Classified ads. And I remember one day going camping with my Dad and him asking if we wanted him to tell us why they were getting a divorce and my just telling him no and walking away.

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I tell you all of this because as a reader, The Year I Feel from Space was all too real for me and it was a very hard read. And all of that is what made this a personally hard read for me. I needed this book in the world. I love that on Tuesday, October 15th, , this book will exist in the world for every kid like me who needed it then or needs it now.

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I loved everything that this book had to say about mental illness. I appreciated the acknowledgements that came each time it was talked about. I like that it acknowledges things like guilt and failure and anger and how they, too, are wrapped up in depression.

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There are a lot of other great moments in this book. There is a nontraditional mom who loves hiking, camping and feminism. There are a lot of great moments in which various characters wrestle with the topic of friendship and bullying in various ways.

And because this is a book written by Amy Sarig King, it weaves all these thoughts together using very creative strings, or I guess to stay on theme I should using very creative star maps. As someone who has read all of the works of A. King, I saw echoes of Ask the Passengers and Still Life with Tornado used in different and creative ways to give Liberty the opportunity to explore both her concept of self and her feelings. King uses her personal style to tell a meaningful and beautiful story while dipping into the surreal and creative; she is a master storyteller that enlightens, entertains, moves and challenges.

King gets below the surface in ways that few writers do.

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I love that she has taken the respect she has always shown in the intellect and creativity in teens while writing YA and has extended that same respect to middle grade readers. The Teen also read this book and because I knew she liked it I asked her why. I love Liberty and her family and I think that readers will as well.

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This is a hopeful look at what it means to fall apart, to fall from space, and then try to put yourself and the pieces of your life back together again. This is an affirmation of feelings, the good, the bad and the ugly, and an exploration of what it means to feel on fire from anger and guilt on the inside.

And at the end of the day, nobody is perfect but how we deal with our own imperfections and the imperfections of those around us matters.