Supervision in Social Work

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So good that you will interject these into your prayer and communion time with the Lord and Holy Spirit. One prayer per day for the entire month, then repeat. Even if you decide to unsubscribe to the blog, I encourage you to have these prayers handy and pray them every — as you faith grow so grows your business! Jim it was nice to know these prayers. I have started a very new and small business just two days ago and I want my business to grow with blessings of Lord my God. Jim, Thank you for this beautiful prayers.

I left a permanent job and got into this business. I am not financially stable.


I want to know whether this prayers will work miracles for me. I am disturbed my age is going up I am already 52 years please guide me. I need your help. Are you sure that God wanted you to open the business? No one can answer this for you — it is between you and God. He will answer — but you must quiet yourself and listen.

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May His favor quickly fall upon you Athena. As I read each scripture and said the prayers, I felt the anointing of God and started to weep. Thank you for your obedience to our Father in graciously sharing this information. Overwhelmed by your encouragement Joanne. Thank you again. Thank you, Dr. I will go to your website and download the prayers. Have a blessed day.

Hello Dr. Jim, I was searching for a prayer for business prosperity in google and found you. I am inspired now. We are just babies in the business as owners and are bit stressed about how things will go. Please remember us in your prayers. I am personally in a very critical financial situation as well with my family but by His grace our needs are getting done, Thank you Lord May God bless you abundantly! Standing with your Ammu. God bless you Dr.

Meditate Your Way To Increased Energy, Greater Productivity, Better Focus, and Glorious Abundance

Jim for this post on 7 prayers to prosper your business. I came to Google to findo help with prayers and scriptures as business has being slow on our side. And this was just uplifting. Kindly remember us in your prayers that we will be confident to do all the Lord is directing us to do and execute what we already know. Stay blessed always. Amazingly blessed by your kind words Ezinne. May His favor faith, family, financial fall upon you and yours.

Meditation With the Bible

Stay strong…as I sense you are. Keep the faith for He is totally faithful.

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  • 7 Prayers to Prosper Your Business.

Thank you Dr Jim, I know God has a purpose for bringing me to you site this morning as I search for business prosperity prayers. I pray God grant me the grace and diligence to observe the 7 days prayers and scriptures 3 times daily. May this act open doors of prosperity for my business and give me the right connection, relationship, network and resources needed to achieve my business goals for beyond my expectation and faster than my set timeline.

Remain blessed Sir. Thank you Oduwa. May these prayers indeed begin to unlock His treasures for your destiny. This article has encouraged me to pursue my business goal but i want to hear from God if really doing this business is my calling. How exactly do i hear from God have prayed about but still no answer.

Great and popular question Daniel. Also you can scroll through my blog for many, many articles on how to connect with Holy Spirit for answers. Thank you for your question. Even more so. I encourage you to review all my blogs on the many, many articles on how to better listen to Holy Spirit. Keep me posted on you progress Daniel as you pursue your dream.

Affirmations from a Christian Entrepreneur

My name is Maggie. Been running a school but finding it difficult for it to grow. Please pray with me.. Also does fast-start plan mean l should fast as well. Thanks for reaching back Maggie. Am lifting prayers for you. The greatest breakthroughs very often come after periods of fasting and prayer. I encourage you to ask Holy Spirit is NOW is a good time for you to fast, and if so, how and with what focus.

I was having problems getting a reference from my work place which I needed to get my professional membership from an accountancy body even though I had worked hard and completed all that was required of me. It appeared as though no one was bothered to issue it even though I had been there for quite some time.

I needed this membership to enable me to work for myself.

Prosperity and Success

I used your program and within just over two weeks of using it, I received my membership. Thank you and glory be to God!! Glory to the Father indeed, Margaret!

Affirmations: "God, Grant Me Abundance and Prosperity". Scripture niereusdilunra.gang!

What a powerful testimony to His provision and your faithfulness. I desire to see your impact multiply under His cover, grace, provision and power. Thank you Roseanna for your feedback.