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Corey is a Welsh wizard and self-proclaimed cinephile with a love for all things film related, who holds a degree in Film and Media Communication. Ooo, fancy. A brutally honest look at the systemic exclusion of women in film—an industry with massive cultural influence—and how, in response, women are making space in cinema for their voices to be heard. Pre-order now. Film Inquiry is a progressive, independent film magazine that aims to redefine film journalism. We publish in-depth, high quality articles written by a diverse group of people; without falsely baiting your attention, we offer genuine, passionate insight into the world of film.

Soul to Keep - source: Shady Tree Films. Film Reviews. Corey Hughes. Opinions expressed in our articles are those of the authors and not of the Film Inquiry magazine. Affiliate disclosure: Our articles contain affiliate links. If you choose to buy something through any of these links, we may earn referral fees, without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! Corey Hughes Corey is a Welsh wizard and self-proclaimed cinephile with a love for all things film related, who holds a degree in Film and Media Communication.

View all posts. You may also like. Zoe Crombie. Season Review TV. Maybe five or six. Or twelve. Steve is also a good influence on me. He has been developing a screenplay with a major producer over the past few months, and watching him work has inspired me. This is the last time I plan to write about it. Too many writers spend precious time talking about our projects when we should be writing.

The road is long between the decision to write a screenplay and the final project on the big screen—much of which is out of my control. As a twentysomething Miami Herald reporter who aspired to write novels, I had an idea for a book about a woman who discovers that her husband is a year-old Ethiopian immortal. But when I sat at my keyboard to face the blank screen, fear paralyzed me. What made me think I could write such an ambitious story?

What if I failed? The same fears haunt me now. Several companies offer services to produce trailers for authors, and some of them do good work. Fresh from my experience on From Cape Town with Love , I decided to shoot a short promotional video for my upcoming novel. And I wanted to do it with no budget, no cast and virtually no film experience.

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My upcoming novel is a supernatural thriller, My Soul to Take , to be published Sept. The Living Blood that created his immortality has sustained three other novels, and is the core of a fictitious underground drug called Glow that can heal any ailment. Not enough mood. Ultimately, my own face bored me. Of course, equipment was a limitation, since my favorite video camera is on my iPhone.

Try to use cleverness to compensate for your lack of cash. A book trailer can be a series of quick video footage from man-on-the-street style interviews with people who love your work—or will pretend they do. A book trailer can take any shape or form you can dream up…no matter how small. But it was fun to shoot, and my readers got a glimpse of a world they love. What are your ideas for making a book trailer on a budget? My husband dressed up like your character and scared me to death when he jumped out of the closet.

The great Harlan Ellison once advised me to avoid labels like the plague, and I know some readers are forced to argue my case at their book club meetings.

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Horror is just a label. But I like to write scary stuff. If I want to write about a woman in a difficult relationship, her lover is an immortal. Sometimes I wish I could. Often, the supernatural element is more gentle and metaphysical, but once in a while I set out to give readers nightmares. Novelists have to compete with real-life headlines and everyday turmoil that are far scarier than anything we can dream up.

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Haunted house—so what? The bank just foreclosed on your house.

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Your boss just laid you off. Your parent is in a nursing home. Most of us, anyway. Horror fiction scares us in a safe context. As both a writer and a reader, I look to characters unfortunate enough to land in these books for tools about how to behave when the world caves in on us.

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My favorite experiences as a writer are when I can make myself cry…or scare myself. I can find myself bawling as I write a scene a reader might encounter without the blink of an eye. And bear in mind that many of these tools are useful in creating engaging fiction across the board. This is probably the most oft-ignored rule in bad horror movies and fiction.

Who would read a plus page novel about a dog barking outside of a Pinto unless they really cared about the mother and son trapped inside?


Ask Stephen King how important characterization is in creating horror fiction. While I was writing, I tried to make the protagonist in The Good House especially vivid by pinning up a photo of Angela Bassett, after whom my lead character was named. The rest was just trying to imagine how I would behave if I found myself in her horrible predicament. This might sound like a no-brainer, but sometimes writers do everything they can to avoid touching the heart of what frightens them.

A story from a shaman about a demon gone wild. A bizarre newspaper story about a man who drowned his son in front of his playmate. Most of all, I was grappling with intense feelings of isolation during the six years I first moved away from my family, job and friends in Miami to live in the Pacific Northwest. I expressed my own sense of rootlessness in a character with similar feelings, only amplified. And that hurricane later showed up in my novel The Living Blood.

On one level, your readers are daring you to scare them.

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A short prologue that introduces your supernatural element or gives them a tastes of the horror to come is a fine hook…but after that, slow down and take your time. Ground your story in the mundane aspects of life we all know and recognize…and then slowly begin to show your supernatural hand.

Also, give your characters—and your readers—time to breathe. One thrill-ride after another will desensitize them for the moments you really want to count.

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Slow down. Add some levity. A quiet dinner. A love scene. Then… gotcha! My challenge was to try to re-imagine familiar concepts and make them my own. In her last novel, Fledgling , Octavia E. Butler delved into vampire mythology with her own unique interpretation, drawing on her skills as a science fiction writer. If you want to write horror scripts, READ horror scripts. And Oscar-nominated scripts.