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Teil 2: Ostfront - Kursk. Teil1: Ostfront Savage Worlds. The TimesGerman family in truetype Times with special symbols for a German dictionary. A truetype font called Alt-Katholiken, with religious logos, made by Achim Stump. Free, but you need to ask by email. Visual artist in Frankfurt, Germany, who created the poster typeface Naked Muse in German designer who created the funky calligraphic serif typeface family Varius , Linotype.

Included are ornamental typefaces with music notation and standard ornaments. Freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Munich, who designed Angle Type , experimental.

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With Thibault Brevet, she has founded a studio for digital development. German designer, b. Italian graphic designer and illustrator in Berlin, who created the shaded display typeface Pomodorino in for a restaurant identity. One Have To Coma Again is an angular display sans typeface. Andrea Deinert b. Since then she has been working as a designer in Cologne.

She created the thin paperclip typeface Filament and Mrs Tailor , Volcano. German graphic designer who designed the runic typeface Creatividad Agotada Berlin-based graphic designer and illustrator who graduated in from the School of Art and Design in Berlin Weissensee. Andrea Tinnes [Typecuts]. Between and he taught typography at Anhalt University in Dessau. In , he co-founded Interfont with Dennis Michaelis. Neue Sans Pro is not free, however. Our Type link. In , he became involved in making and directing animation films for Anschi und Karl-Heinz, a children's television program aired weekly.

Berlin, Germany-based font engineer. He also helped with the finalization of some fonts at Primetype, e. He joined Carrois Type Design in Berlin, where he is involved in many type projects. Typedia link. Andreas Frohloff. Calligrapher and type designer in Berlin, b. He cooperated with Axel Betram on the text family Rabenau , Linotype , which was earlier called Lucinde. Images: i , ii , iii. Thorough research and testing led to the creation of an open, functional serif typeface with alternating contrast. Freed from yesteryear's technical restrictions, the new FF Videtur was entirely redrawn while keeping the best characteristics of the earlier forms.

Despite its workmanlike appearance at first glance, its warm character is undeniable. The reasons for this are its modest stroke contrast; the open, clearly differentiated letterforms; the relatively short and rounded wedge-shaped serifs; and the consistent rhythm it sets in lines of text. Andreas Hild [Hild Design]. Andreas Jung.

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Type designer from Schorndorf, Germany, b. Andreas Karl. German type designer of Linotype Fluxus , shaky handprinting and Linotype Mailbox , at sign for all characters. Kevin Pease claims that Linotype Mailbox is the worst font ever created, both in concept and execution.

Andreas Koch. Freelance book and type designer from Bielefeld, Germany. German punchcutter and typefounder in Nuremberg, where he published a type specimen of Fraktur in , a borders speciman in , and another Fraktur in Norstedt Stockholm has a Fraktur by him. Berlin-based illustrator and graphic designer, who created the squarish semi-stencil typeface Jongehonden in Andreas Seidel [astype.

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German designer. Andreas Sommerwerk.

Berlin-based type designer, b. Vienna, Andreas Sommerwerk was educated as a product designer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and has been active in areas like graphic, product, and, more recently, service design. Sommerwerk Ink is inspired by typography found on old German shop windows. He writes: It is a script font, but instead of imitating human handwriting and the gestures connected to it, the goal was to come up with a new writing flow and stroke order.

Aka Ando Karambo. During his studies in Trier, Germany, Andreas Twardzik b. Andreas Wohlleben. Branding director in Braunschweig, Germany. His typographic work in Type Sex with Durex is remarkable. Gutenburg's line bible , and LombardocMedium Andrew Sinn. Andrew Sinn is a digital creative from Berlin, Germany. In , he published the dancing baseline font family Heraklion.

Type designer. German-Swiss typographer. It comes with art nouveau ornaments called Paris Serif Ornaments. Ania Cremer. German Linotype Library designer b. Ania lives in Berlin. Wurzburg, Germany-based creator of Kabana , an avant garde sans typeface custom designed for a soccer world championship afterparty.

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Hangulatin applies the principles of Hangul to make letter combinations in Latin. See also Hangulatin EN In , she set up her own typefoundry, and published Umba Sans , a style family that exudes joy and is useful for display applications.

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It is accompanied by Umba Soft and Umba Slab Typefaces from Diara a colorable wedding font package including ornaments , Crossfit an elliptical sans family , Hyper a wonderful packaging font. Anja Escherich. German illustrator and graphic designer who works at Keller Maurer Design in Munich. In , she designed interesting wayfinding symbols for the botanical garden of Zurich. English page.

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Open Font Library link. Anke got into the type industry while interning at FontWerk in Since then she worked primarily on font hinting projects before joining the team of Alphabet Type in Berlin in January as a font engineer. Young designer at fontgrube who made Linax. Anna Cairns b. She interned at Magma Design Studio and works as a freelancer designing type, websites, publications and visual identities.

In , she created the American signage brush script typeface Acron Volcano Type. Karlsruhe, Germany-based creator of the following typeface in or just before Normal , Papercut , Feltpen , Circus spurred typeface , Be Mine , Scribble 1 and 2 sketched typefaces.