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Moving image and documentary films are the perfect media for telling stories. Print is the form of how everything started. The format in which we shaped the first issue — the Surf Morocco — was representing the urge, the simplicity and the beauty of the journey itself. A limited edition black-and-white photographic book with a fine organic material selection: a simple and sleek elastic bind that holds together the publication and its elegant and essential look.

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An evocative text by Xavi Carbonell opens the publication which, without any stockist distribution, sold out in a few months. When the idea of the project came to mind, we started looking for a name that could represent this search of disconnection, this yearning of going back to the roots. Long talks with our friends and surfmates at Firma helped us to find the right name: Eldorado.

The logotype is aimed at reminiscing about an old travel memory, conveying the idea of the explorers in uncharted lands, seeking new experiences and emotions. Starting from the need for a clear hierarchy and distinction between the two words —for a better development of a dynamic identity— a custom stencil version of the typography Hoefler was created for Eldorado, while the second word is set in Arnhem Fine Regular , with the goal of creating two pretty different stains of black.

Eldorado experience —and all its possible declinations— assumes a journalistic character and conveys the human values behind the project: a closer look on a personal experience. Logotypes are made of words and words need to be read. The sun symbol is found in all cultures throughout history, representing the cosmic power of Nature and in some cases even the power of mind.

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The symbol encloses, in its the drastic and abstract synthesis, the dialectic opposition of earth and sky, of waters and sand, of light and darkness. Read case. SwitchMed Brand journalism for eco-sustainable business Read case. Liquid Branding What is liquid branding as a concept? Read more.

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Strategic Brand Narrative What is strategic brand narrative? Read Interview. New story at Eldorado How a couple walked seven islands while gestating View story. Odiseo Vol.

Unboring Boob The birth of eldorado Four friends, Xavi, Santos, Dizy and Albert are packing their belongings, getting the last things ready and finalising their travel arrangements. A place for authenticity and living experiences The world has already been completely explored, there are no uncharted places anymore: the only things that make an experience unique is the intimate vision, the personal journey, the inner time of the traveller. A collective of creators devoted to exceptional adventures and travel experiences Images being the lifeblood of Eldorado, the partnership between Folch and the film producer Goroka , which specialise in producing video content, was a natural occurrence.

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Experiences on paper Print is the form of how everything started. A dynamic Identity When the idea of the project came to mind, we started looking for a name that could represent this search of disconnection, this yearning of going back to the roots. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Share. SwitchMed Brand journalism for eco-sustainable business.

Uranium was discovered in the Beaverlodge District in The Eldorado Company's major production in the town area came from the Fay-Ace-Verna mine shafts, mostly from uranium deposits located in the Archaen Tazin Group. The deposits are found within the footwall and hanging wall of the St. Louis fault. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ghost Town in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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International Development Research Centre. Archived from the original on Retrieved Canadian Nuclear Association. Library and Archives Canada. Thomas US Government. New York: United Nations.

Places adjacent to Eldorado, Saskatchewan. Uranium City. Subdivisions of Saskatchewan. Category Canada portal WikiProject.

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