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I don't see it though. I can't help but think this is part of some bigger GOP plan. Have the dems focus on her inexperience and then after a few weeks she decides she cannot be the VP candidate because family comes first or something else. Then they go after Obama's inexperience again using quotes from dems about her inexperience. Or something like that. It just seems like such a desperate move. But sometimes I am not sure why. Like many other goods lines I pick up here, that one is so good I will shamelessly steal it and re-use it elsewhere.

So, you think Clinton will be pleased about the thought of Sarah Palin being closer in line to the presidency than she was, just by default of being chosen as the anti-Obama news item? I liked Bailey Hutchinson, maybe she had some skeletons that made her a bad choice, I don't know.

Rahm Emanuel "Retarded" Comment Puts Offensiveness in Spotlight

Palin's a gamble because, obviously, it's silly to select her for a ticket that has made the other side's "inexperience" a huge issue, but if you seriously think that the media will call bullshit on the next thre months of McCain hammering Obama for being inexperienced, you're either too naive or blinded by wishful thinking. George ""I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun" Bush and Dick "other priorities" Cheney, two proven draft dodgers Cheney even bragged about it , were allowed by the media to slam with impunity people like Kerry, Murtha, and poor Max Cleland who had actually gone to war and in Clelend's case, left a few limbs there.

If you think the media will point out the bad faith in McCain's slamming Obama's inexperience these next three months, think again. Well, I read she is in the NRA and likes hunting so she can keep up the tradition of the VP shooting people in the face every now and then. Anastasia Beaverhausen for VP!!!! And possibly what the other VP possibilites' view of the expected trajectory. She has a 5 month old baby. I don't think most women relate to having a 5 month old, returning to work 3 days later, and then running for VP.

Um, and it's not about me "feeling good". If you've got a good argument for why Clinton won't campaign harder, say so. I'm not making stuff up to post here in order to "feel good".

She's on CNN now and here ; she's got a really weird speaking voice. I guess that's what an Alaskan accent sounds like. Let me put it to you this way: the people who come from this place—they must call themselves something.

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What's the word they use to refer to themselves? I suppose you wouldn't mind sharing it with me, then? Ah, this must be why people are winding up at my blog's review of Sarah Plain and Tall by searching for "Sarah Plain". Palin, people, Palin. Metafilter: post made up stuff here to "feel good" posted by Artw at AM on August 29, [ 1 favorite ]. If the left thinks they can attack her on the fact that she's some backwoods breeder they are going to step in it with "middle America. How dare the left attack her small town values!

The left is out of touch, elitist, effete, and beholden to ivory towers socialists and inner city welfare leeches and their attacks on Palin just confirm this! Who will keep us safe? The party of the welfare queens, the queers, and the baby killers? Or the party of the vets, the frontiersmen and women and those who recognize that family is the foundation of our society!

Not a genius move, but theirs is a party that neither desires nor respects genius As a feminist and supporter of full equal rights for pretty much everyone, I say, "eviscerate the shit out of her".

Also, McCain is a known skirt chaser who left his former-beauty-queen wife for a younger, might-as-well-be-former-beauty-queen heiress, and now wants to make a younger former beauty queen his 2. You want to talk about fucked up sexual dynamics? It's not Biden anyone has to worry about. My paranoid thought is she could be another Harriet Miers - an inappropriate candidate tossed out as a possibility and a distraction , then later pulled back in favor of the person who was the "real" candidate all along.

Palin as a pandering move to women voters? And it's about that time in his breeding cycle, things could go very wrong. Ouch: I don't know Dan Quayle. But I hope that whatever golf course he's on, he's duly offended by the day's frequent comparisons between John McCain's frantic selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate and his own selection in House, eight years in the U. Senate, representing a state of 6. No, Governor Palin, you're no Dan Quayle.

Maybe in a few years. Wait - the Harriet Miers thing was deliberate?

Sarah Palin Says She Was Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen, Calls His Humor ‘Evil, Exploitive, Sick’

What did it gain them? Give me Jennifer Granholm or Stephanie Herseth any day. Or Margaret Thatcher. What, you don't think power is sexy? Tell me you don't think power is sexy. Sounds pretty normal to me. Certainly not the flat tv-announcer voice, but just sounds like most other regular folks. And I now live in Montana, which is not as distinctive, and which I have probably acclimated to. In any case, I wouldn't have the immediate reaction that she has a "weird" speaking voice.

Sarah Palin on Mayorship & Governorship

It's certainly less grating than some others. McCain picks a pro-life, pro-second amendment, fiscal conservative, and current governor for VP. Sounds pretty normal. Oh, and she's an attractive woman. I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the male chauvinists.

You know, male democrats who don't get the whole Hillary Clinton thing have been pissing off female democrats who do during the entire primary season.

Sarah Palin - Wikiquote

Lead Hillary off with all the tough debate questions and send a few easy ones to Obama, and then if the Hillary camp complains call them whining complainers. Market a bunch of sexist products that make fun of Hillary where no one would dare do the same thing to Obama , and have a bunch of media talking heads say awful sexist things to her, and then say her camp is a bunch of whiners and complainers when they speak up about it. Once Obama has effectively won the primary, make it clear that he is not going to seriously consider her for VP, and don't let us know why, and pick some stuffy old white guy instead.

Okay, fine. Then, at the convention, when she more than any other losing candidate in history comes out and supports Obama and tells her voters to get out there and support Obama through a really moving speech, pick it apart and say that she didn't do enough, she wasn't really sincere, she should have talked more about why he is qualified to be president.

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And now, when McCain surprises a large portion of americans who thought he was going to pick some old rich white dude as his VP but instead picks a "youngish" mid-forties woman again, supposedly the most popular governor in America and known as a serious reformer , bust out jokes about how she was a beauty queen and how dumb she must be and how ridiculously political this move is.

And how dumb it is to pick your VP just to go after the female vote. It seems to me like a bunch of male democrats have been underestimating the importance of the female vote for a pretty serious stretch of time here. Maybe this will work out for McCain and maybe it won't. But you might do better with a little less derision and a little more understanding for what these women are on about.

You think she got elected Governor of Alaska -- a state full of men -- because she is pretty? This is really disappointing. Just after Palin's speech a Fox News commentator read the Democratic response, which was basically that it was unseemly to have a person who has only been governor for two years and the mayor of a town of 8, a "heartbeat away from the presidency".

Sarah Palin's Donald Trump Speech: 'Worse Than A Train Wreck' - Morning Joe - MSNBC

I get the experience meme now. That insight is like a kick in the gut. I know Obama's record, so I always just wrote off the problem of experience. But now, the problem of experience actually applies, and it's terrifying.