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Twenty-six bronze artifacts taken from Benin during the colonial era will be returned from France to their country of origin. At the presentation on Friday, Macron called on French museums to identify African partners and begin organizing returns. In Benin, they will be shared with the public in the context of an ambitious new museums project. King Behanzin of Benin poses in front of a statue representing his early 19th century ancestor at the Quai Branly in France is beginning with objects from Benin because, to date, it is the only country from which France has received a formal request.

Gettysburg Artifacts "If These Things Could Talk" (Lecture)

In fact, the 26 artifacts returning to Benin have been in the works for nearly a year. Curators at the Quai Branly have been engaged in this dialogue for quite some time now. Other European nations holding African collections acquired under comparable circumstances should also engage in the conversation, Macron urged on Friday.

Plaques that form part of the Benin Bronzes at the British Museum.

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Both the information and context have always created the reality of our lives. Rewriting the history, media malpractice, understatements or corruption the context, — all of this works nowadays. We know the history of mankind according to those who defeated all the dissenters. In the past only governments and powerful figures could manipulate public opinion.


Today almost any person with access to the Internet has this opportunity. Every day we contact with a huge number of people.

Just a few years ago it was possible only in case of use complex film production technologies. Ukraine is no exception and also experiencing different kinds of invasion. And during this was Kremlin uses lots of information methods to affect both home and foreign policy of other countries.

Does truth have a chances vs. What warnings and dangers the world should take into account?

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In fact all this information contradicts the reality. Any help please AzureAlliance Afficher le profil Voir les messages.

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Make a Galaxy Forge map, then turn up artifact density to You can slo manually place artifacts on planets too but at the end of the day some form of Galaxy Forge map is the best way to get all the artifacts. Fredericks of Cursewood Afficher le profil Voir les messages.

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I just got it by using one of the huge maps. I copied the map to the Galaxy Forge saved it as is and then opened it with Notepad and changed the line: planetArtifactDensity 0. Thanks for the replies, I'm gonna try it by copying a map rather than start from scratch, I've had a look at the forge but "my beutiful creations" keep launching onto the defeat screen.